Unless your day job is in fact a short order cook, then you shouldn’t be one for your children. During my 6 years as a licensed speech-language pathologist, I have seen an increase food aversion and sensory issues related to feeding. While there is no way to tease out underlying issues from environmental factors, we know that environmental factors can play a role in whether your child is a limited eater or a food lover.

Many parents have gotten into the habit of asking their child what they want for meals. This limits children’s exposure to new foods as they are likely to pick foods they are familiar with rather than trying something new. If you are already in the habit of letting your child choose what they want for meals, try limiting it to two choices you have preselected (i.e. chicken or fish). Then you can pick what the rest of the meal (i.e. main course, sides, etc.), allowing your child exposure to new foods. Remember, they don’t have to eat it, but it should still go on their plate. That way they can see it, smell it, maybe touch it, eventually taste it, and…….they may even like it!