Welcome to 2017! Wishing you all a very Happy New Year.

New Year is always associated with a fresh start, new opportunities, a new beginning, yet somehow we turn around in about May and ask “what happened?”, then again in November, we ask where did the time go? As busy adults, we attempt to plan and manage our lives to improve our “quality of life” – and then “life happens”! Our children need something different to what we initially expected. A spouse, a friend, a relative experiences a life altering situation that makes us sit back and stop! For a second. Regroup. Reorganize. Do better. Do less. Do more. Yet, we come to the beginning of a new year and the sense of being able to start again is revitalizing, refreshing, gives us hope. With hope, we can grow, we can love and we can push forward.

Some of you may know that in July of 2016, the basement wall of my house collapsed. No one got hurt and nothing serious was lost. But my foundation had been swept from under my feet in a split second, literally and figuratively. Andy and I had worked our whole lives to create the home of our dreams (at this point more of a nightmare) and in seconds, it was lost. I was shocked at how deeply it affected me , that I couldn’t “pull myself together” and get on with life. We were right in the throes of opening our second location in Cumming – a lifelong goal of ours and within that second of feeling the house rattle underneath us, of not knowing what was next, I felt like something had invaded my families space and stolen our peace, our comfort , our foundation from us.  I tell you this in my first blog in a long time, because my goal this year is to reclaim my passion! In order to do that, I have to remain authentic and true to myself, because if I can do that, then I can be true to you, our parents and  children. Your worlds are rocked daily, when I walk through our waiting rooms, I see and feel the pain, disappointment and struggle that our families deal with every day and I wish and pray for change. We look for hope, for solutions that can make our children’s lives easier. Children’s Therapy Works was born from a dream to change the way therapy was done – to integrate, communicate, work as a team and problem solve what each and every family and child needed. Children’s Therapy Works is personal for us. It has been family run since 1998 and with the beginning of a new year, we are excited to see our Cumming location grow , add more group programs, provide educational talks to parents and just continue to provide integrated, top quality therapy with a phenomenal group of therapists and clients.


Looking forward to growing a stable foundation in 2017!


Shelley Margow MS.OTR/L