It may come as somewhat of a surprise, but upper body strength allows for greater fine motor control and precision. The muscles used to keep your arm steady in your shoulders, upper arms, and chest actually make it easier for the smaller muscles in your hands and forearms to do what they need to do. I always encourage the parents of my clients to play on the floor with their children as much as possible to address upper body strength. The best way to get children to do things that are challenging is to make it FUN. Push-up hockey and crab walking are two activities that can be done at home on the floor or even outside. The activities not only work on upper body strength, but also help develop the muscles inside the hand, without your children knowing they are actually “doing work”.

Below are two links to give you visual examples:

Push up hockey-

Note- Push up hockey can be done in a modified push up position (hands and knees) but a traditional push up position is the goal and more beneficial.

Crab walking-

Note- crab walking can be done in a race type format from one wall of a room to another, or in whatever way you and your children can imagine.