In all therapies, the child is challenged yet nurtured, with the goal being to achieve the highest level of successful communication of which he or she is capable. Research has shown that combining Sensory Integration with Speech Therapy can dramatically reduce and often eliminate symptoms without medication enabling the child to work on learning and playing. Children’s Therapy Works’ treatment goes far beyond the walls of our practice. We offer educational seminars, home programming and resources for all those involved with the child.

Individual Therapy

Speech Therapy ~Historically, Pediatric Speech­Language Pathologists (SLPs) were known as the person who corrects a child’s articulation/speech errors. While this is true, SLPs also address the following areas: oral motor abilities, swallowing, receptive­expressive language, social language, fluency (i.e. stuttering), attention, behavior, auditory processing, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (i.e. AAC), hearing, voice/resonance, and more. Deficits in any of these areas may impact a child’s ability to fully participate in academics, make and maintain friendships, and have their wants and needs met. At Children’s Therapy Works we create an individualized plan to develop and improve your child’s communication abilities. Your child will enjoy participating in a variety of activities and games selected to address their goals.

We encourage the child to make decisions and select appropriate activities, but with structure provided by the speech/language pathologist. Specific therapeutic objectives might include: following and executing multi-step verbal directions, processing complex verbal information, remembering what was said, retelling a short story, planning and organizing what he or she wants to say, describing familiar procedures and words, and initiating language.

Occupational Therapy ~ Is your child having difficulty with interacting with people or things in their environment? Although this may not seem like a big issue, it may inhibit your child’s ability to perform common age appropriate tasks. Imagine going to the movie theater and the surround sound is too much to bear. Imagine sitting in a classroom and not being able to process what your teacher is saying because there are too many things to see and hear in the classroom.

Imagine not being able to wear socks, shoes, or even certain types of clothing because you can’t tolerate how they feel. Here at Children’s Therapy Works, our occupational therapists give your child the tools necessary to interact appropriately with his/her environment and establish a sensory foundation. Once this sensory foundation is established, the child will have the coping mechanisms they need to learn new skills, build on current skills, and become successful in both the home and academic environments. It is our number one priority here as occupational therapists to instill this foundation, thru play, in order for your child to reach their maximum potential.

Physical Therapy ~ A child’s number one job is to play. Their ability to play with peers requires motor development, strength, balance, coordination, and endurance. Pediatric physical therapists at Children’s Therapy Works develop games and activities for children to encourage play and that work on each individual child’s needs. Climbing ladders to be ‘King of the World’ on top of the lofts, diving into the ball pit for toys and fun, swinging away as high as they can, jumping on different boxes and colors to save the animals, and noodle fights on top of the wobbly balance surfaces are just some of the many activities we play to develop needed skills. A physical therapist’s greatest joy is seeing your child progress and carry over their skills learned in therapy with playtime at home with families and peers.



Group Therapy

Social Skills Groups

Looking for something therapeutic for your child this summer? Can’t make the commitment to a full summer camp? Join us here at Children’s Therapy Works for a fun filled multi-sensory social skills group! We have groups for children of all ages running twice a week for a month of social skills building, team work, group interactions, gross motor activities, arts, crafts, activities of daily living, and even cooking.

Led by an occupational and speech therapist, your child will be in a group of their same aged peers with activities modified and implemented to their skill level. The following skills will be addressed as they relate to sensory processing:

Personal Space
Verbal Communicative Skills
Nonverbal Cues

Example of activities – team building sports activities eg. Kickball with a twist.

Cooking activities focusing on tactile processing, sequencing, oral motor input whilst engaging with our fabulous interactive technology such as iPads and the interactive white boards.

Social games that promote turn taking, body spatial awareness, communication and executive functions.

Activities that focus on Activities of Daily Living Skills using Arts and crafts that can easily be transferred to home

Simple homework activities that help transfer skills into daily life at home, not just in therapy.

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