1. Place tape crossing through a hallway or small, confined area. Set it up to look like an obstacle course and/or laser lights.
  2. Find purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, white pom pom balls of different sizes and put them on the floor throughout the obstacle course.
  3. Place some pom pom balls on the actual tape.
  4. Give the child tweezers
  5. Instruct child to find all the pom pom of a certain color, shape, etc.

What is this working?

  1. Visual Perceptual Skills:
    1. Visual Scanning: Looking throughout the obstacle course for the correct color or shape, etc.
    2. Visual Discrimination: recognizing the different colors and locating the correct one.
  2. Fine Motor Skills
    1. Using tweezers which is strengthening hand skills, using fine motor precision, fine motor integration, manual dexterity,
  3. Motor Planning and Body Spatial Awareness/Assuming different body positions:
    1. Children will be in quadriped, standing on one leg, jumping, squatting and many other body positions to get through the laser lights. They will need to plan how they are going to get through the tape and be aware of where their body is in space.
  4. Most importantly, PLAY! This is a lot of fun for children. We have done this for many children here and they always love the activity. It is also fun to incorporate more than one child into the session so they develop appropriate communication and team building skills!

Want to make it harder?

  1. Have the child use chopsticks instead of tweezers
  2. Use a timer and give time constraints
  3. Have child play with a peer and compete to locate the most pom poms
  4. Assign an exercise for every pom pom missed in a time constrained period.