Reading can be an enjoyable and relaxing activity!  However, it is also an activity that teaches.

There are numerous benefits to reading with your child.  When your child is young, your child is subconsciously absorbing information that:

  • Reinforces basic sounds that form language
  • Teaches enunciation skills
  • Helps with learning word and sentence structure
  • Assists with forming pre-literacy skills

Benefits of reading aloud with your child continue even when he/she gets older.

  • Reading is like exercise for your brain!
  • Helps your child improve their concentration skills
  • Improves listening skills
  • Improves vocabulary and language skills
  • Helps your child develop imagination skills
  • Improves academic achievement

It is incredibly beneficial to read with your child, even after they can read themselves.  Reading with your child IS BONDING TIME WELL SPENT!! It is also good for you child to see you read, so that they learn that reading is to be enjoyed, not just a chore.