“The difference Children’s Therapy Works made in our child’s development and our lives is immeasurable.

After participating in the Sensory Learning Program and the Intensive Program; our son showed amazing strides in his ability to process and cope with the world around him and function in an age appropriate manor. Through continued speech, occupational, and physical therapy, he has made significant improvements that have enabled him to flourish in his Montessori school setting.

I know our child would be nowhere near the level he is today if it weren’t for the hard work, guidance, and love the people of Children’s Therapy Works provided. Everyone there takes a very obvious personal interest in the children they help and really cater to their individual needs. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results we have experienced through working with Children’s Therapy Works and will be forever grateful.”

“We owe a huge thank you to Children’s Therapy Works! Our son completed the intensive speech and OT program in July 2014 and has been in weekly speech and OT sessions through January 2015. We have been amazed at his progress in just 6 months. Truly incredible.

Mary Franco is Noah’s OT therapist and is absolutely beyond exceptional as an OT. She has gone above and beyond to study Noah and is truly passionate about his progress. I have seen so many therapists with Noah and Mary is truly 150 percent gifted at what she does! Words cannot express our gratitude!

Noah’s speech therapist study every word with him and helped to develop his language and articulation skills beautifully. Noah is so much more confident now and can correct his own speech as well since he has gained so much knowledge and direction from CTW!

Thank you both for getting Noah to where he is today. We feel so good about him going to Kindergarten next year! Working with CTW has been a true blessing in our lives! “

“My son, Jon-Paul, was diagnosed with Apraxia at a very young age. As a mother, anxious to communicate with my son, I channeled my earliest efforts in finding the right speech therapist for him. However, I could not ignore the tell-tell signs that Apraxia had left it’s mark in other ways. I noticed loud noises elicited extreme fear in him. He could not tolerate the simple joys found at parks. Swings, slides, and climbing apparatuses were out of the question. Simple art projects were discouraging for him, and exercises that required the use of gross motor skills proved difficult as well. Thankfully, Children’s Therapy Works came highly recommended, and we added occupational therapy to his regimen to address his sensory issues as well as his fine and gross motor skills. His therapy at children’s soon became a much anticipated time of play, and the results were rewarding to see. Today, Jon-Paul is playing football at Johns Hopkins University. Watching him from the stands, I often think of his early days spent at Children’s Therapy Works, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

Lisa R”

What I like about CTW is their collaborative and holistic approach. My child is able to recieve all of his various therapies in one place and the therapists work together and build on the progress he makes in each area. My son has come so far in the 15 months we have been with CTW. The entire staff is more like close friends to my child and he honestly looks forward to going to therapy

– Stephanie Frost

Not fully understanding what Occupational Therapy could accomplish, Initially I was skeptical of this therapy helping my son. My husband and I saw noticeable improvements in our son’s behavior and disposition within six weeks of starting therapy. Eighteen months later Brian is a different child, happy and outgoing. Children’s Therapy Works has performed nothing short of a miracle in my eyes. I would recommend them to anyone

– Judy Faim

CTW had confidence in our son’s abilities and were actively involved in his slow but steady progress, continually monitoring nd updating his therapies using the technologies and techniques. To our delight our son has now mainstreamed into a regular school kindergarten at the age of five and is proceeding remarkably well.

– Ann Sigel

In less than two months Children’s Therapy Works did more for our 8 year old son’s lazy eye than 5 years worth of medical treatment.

– Ann Rodwed

CTW has allowed us to have faith that our son will succeed and excel in life.

– Miss Moraes

CTW’s insight into Janet’s issue, brought us to them from South Carolina.
Their devotion to excellence and to her has kept us here

– The Sims Family (client’s for 6 years)

They listen to parent’s input, they love our children as much as we do!

– Mrs Hardee

CTW delveloped a multi sensory occupational therapy program tailored for my child’s individual needs. Their staff is the best educated and trained in the Atlanta area as well as their facility has the largest gyms equipped with the latest state of the art equipment.

– Annette

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