Despite parents wanting their children to participate in social/pragmatic activities and groups, these same social skills are being forgotten in todays’ society. How to be kind and helpful to others, affiable and/or nice, and most of all effective communicators is being lost.  Unfortunately this trend is also surfacing in our dearest, loveliest, special little ones. Children are being pushed into things they are not ready for and the “need” to succeed is of utmost importance.  Parents and children are all so busy being busy, the basic social tenants of being humans are being forgotten.  Evidence is growing of how our children are developing stress at really young ages and seeing psychiatrists by the boat loads.  We need to help children grow into functional, well adjusted, kind and courteous human beings

Fortunately, humans have an innate kindness, helpfulness, intelligence, patience and heart built in to help our children grow into wonderful people.  Begin practicing manners, even when they are little.  Saying “please and thank you, excuse me, let me help you, oh sorry, you go first, do you need help?”, etc… are ways to treat others with courtesy and kindness.  Teaching them to share, take turns, help others, be patient and wait their turn, relax and have fun, and “no means no” will all help.  Children need to learn how to be nice to each other as well helpful. They will treat others as they see the adults around them treat others and will talk and act the same ways.

Teaching your children about social skills is easy!  Love them, talk with them, enjoy them, teach them, cook and bake with them, play games and spend time with them, read with them, shop till you drop with them and try avoiding the cell phones and tv/internet. So get out there and have fun!!!!