Teaching Kids Colors

Learning colors is an important developmental milestone that children are expected to know going into elementary school. Colors are often one of childrens’ first discriptor words. Children can begin to show color knowledge as young as 2 years old. As a therapist, I find that color knowledge is something often missed as children are already expected to know colors going into elementary school and parents are unsure of how to teach colors at home.

One of the first ways children learn colors is by partents labeling colors in their environment. For example, if a child says, “A flower” the parent can add, “Oh, a red flower.” Color matching and sorting is another great way to beging teaching a child there colors. This can be done with bean bags, pom pom balls, or other colored objects.

For slightly older children games such as Pop the Pig, Pop-Up Pirate, Diggity Dog, Cariboo, Uno, Cndy Land, and Blink are great color identification and labeling games. Children need to be able to identify or point to colors before they can label them. Children who are very technology focused may benefit from YouTube videos teaching colors. I especially like the “Color Song Collection” by Busy Beavers because they use lots of repetition and use real objects to make color associations. While this is a great resource, it’s important to know that children often learn better doing things hands on. Pinterest also is a great resource for color sorting printout and ideas to make learning colors more engaging for your child’s specific interests.

*This can be expanded to teach shapes, numbers, letters, and so much more.