What are you going to do with your kids over the summer break? How can you make sure that they retain all of the information and skills they’ve learning during the school year?

These are the top questions parents are faced with asking themselves every year. This is an especially daunting task for parents with children with special needs. You want your kids to keep up with pragmatic skills (greetings, participating conversations, and improving their friendships) but how can you do this if they’re sleeping in late and watching tv all day?

Well, here’s my summer suggestion to help foster continued learning (in a fun way). Take a look at these summer clubs, sports, and camps specifically designed for your child’s special needs.


Marcus Jewish Community Center (JCC) – The MJCCA is welcoming to people of all faiths, ages, and backgrounds and has an inclusion program for children with special needs from birth to age 18 with support from Inclusion Specialist. Some of their programs include: Club J, Dance, Gymnastics, Tennis, Sports: Baseball, T-Ball, Basketball, Flag Football, & Soccer, Drama, and Summer Camp. $$, https://www.atlantajcc.org


Spectrum-Autism Support Group- Provides a variety of camps to children ages 4 to young adult with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). They utilize certified teachers and highly trained paraprofessionals to work with children along all levels of the spectrum addressing social, language, and behavioral needs in a fun environment. $$, https://www.atl-spectrum.com


Erin’s Hope for Friends (E’s Club)- A non-profit organization that works to create lasting relationships for children with Asperger’s and other High Functioning Autism Spectrum (HFAS) disorders. Teens (age 12-high school senior) can meet here in a safe environment to have positive social interactions through video game stations, arts/crafts, board games, billiards, and playing cards. There’s always a supervisory staff on hand. $20/fee per evening/scholarship applications available upon request. https://www.erinshopeforfriends.org