Springing Forward


As we enter the new season of Spring, we would like to share some ways for your kids to practice “Springing Forward”. This blog will focus on 5 different types of jumping activities that you can perform with your children!


  1. Dual Limb Jumping

This is the typical type of jumping – think of it like a bunny hop! You should prompt your children to try this jumping pattern using small bunny hops and using large forward (jumps like a kangaroo.)

2. Single Limb Jumping

This is a good exercise to improve strength and balance! Try to get your child to hop on each foot 5 times in a row before switching.

3. Hopscotch

This type of jumping pattern helps to improve gross motor coordination! You should ask your children to perform hopscotch using each leg for the single leg portion. Also, you can modify this activity by having your child jump their feet together and apart to follow the hopscotch pattern if the typical pattern is too difficult!

4. Frog Jumping

This exercise helps to improve strength and range of motion because your child should be squatting down to the floor before jumping forward!

5. Jumping Jacks

Performing this jumping pattern helps to improve bilateral coordination! Try to have your child perform 10 in a row!