Its finally warming up outside, so what better way to enjoy it than to play outside! There are many different activities you and your kids can do outside to help them grow big and strong and work on all their gross and fine motor skills; here are a few examples. Does your child need to work on balance and bilateral coordination (using arms and/or legs together)? Try a simple game of hopscotch! Hopscotch can involve one child or a group of children and all you need is some chalk and a rock or other small item to throw.

Another great activity is jump rope. Jump rope requires a lot of motor planning, including bilateral coordination, sequencing, and ideation. Motor planning is essentially the ability to conceive, plan, and carry out a skilled, non-habitual motor act in the correct sequence from beginning to end. The more they learn to motor plan, the better they will get.

Monkey bars are another great outdoor activity to get kids involved in. Monkey bars also require motor planning as well as visual motor/perceptual skills. These skills teach hand-eye coordination and how to use both hands together to complete a task.

Spring Fun Time

This last example is just one of many activities you can do outdoors with your kids. Create an obstacle course! The great thing about this fun activity is that you can make it more or less difficult depending on your child’s abilities. You can utilizes boxes, tunnels, slides, balls, skate boards, stairs and even sidewalk chalk. Include activities that involve crawling, jumping, balancing, and climbing. This activity can address motor planning, visual motor/perception, spatial awareness, proximal strength and more. The most important thing is to be creative and have fun!

Spring Fun Time



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