Gearing up for school, many parents may be concerned with their child’s attention while in school, doing homework, or when participating in listening activities like conversations or reading. Ineffective executive functioning skills, learning disabilities, distractibility, an overload of visual or auditory stimuli, poor working memory, poor core body strength, and even temperament can contribute to poor attention (among other reasons). One great way to help with your child’s attention is with sensory movement exercises. Through play, proprioceptive input, and core muscle strength, your child will move toward improved attention.

All you need is a large ball. You can use a large playground ball or a yoga ball. Whatever is most convenient for you. Here is a list of a few exercises you can try:

  • Sit on the ball and bounce
  • Sit on the ball near a wall and have your child pick up their feet. Use the wall on their back to stabilize.
  • Lay belly-down on the ball and bounce.
  • Lay belly-down and roll side to side.
  • Lay belly-down and roll front to back.
  • Squash the ball against the wall with their chest.
  • Squash the ball against the wall with their back.
  • Lay back-down and have them stretch/reach for the floor.
  • Have them lay belly-down on the floor and have them pass the ball back and forth to you (laying across from them). Have them keep their knees and elbows off the ground in a superman position.