S’match is a memory game that is one of my go-to therapy tools! It is similar to Memory Match in that the child turns over 2 face-down cards in hopes of finding 2 matching cards. What makes S’match different is that the child must make a match within a given parameter determined by a spinner. For example, if the spinner lands on “color”, the child must find 2 cards of the same color in order to make a match. Other “matching categories” include “number” and “shape”.

Here are some ways S’match can be used to facilitate language growth:

  1. Color and Shape Labeling: have the child state the color on the card, the shape on the card
  2. Counting/Numerical Concepts & Plurals: have the child count the number of objects on each card. The child can also practice using plural -s (This card has one circle. This card has 2 circles).
  3. Memory: the child has a better chance of making a match if he/she can recall the location of cards from previous rounds of play
  4. Turn Taking: have the child pass the spinner to the next player. The child can also practice answering “Whose turn is it?”
  5. The concept of Same vs. Different: have the child compare the 2 cards they pick up on each turn. Practice discussing how the cards are the “same” and how they are “different”