As parents we are leaders of our families. We guide our pack and teach them a set of values that we believe will steer them well through life.

As Leaders we guide our pack to places they wouldn’t ordinarily go by themselves.

Leading is not managing, the difference is simple. Managing is making sure a task gets done “Aiden make your bed” and following up holding him accountable.

Leading on the other hand, is creating the mindset that Aiden needs to make his bed without being asked.

That old saying “Teach someone to fish and they’ll feed themselves everyday” rings true.

I’ll admit I’m a stickler for perfection (or the pursuit thereof, more realistically) as a result my expectations remain consistent.

“Not My Job” isn’t spoken here, they are words that don’t foster success or respect for anyone around us.

“Not My Job” is a reflection of one’s own personal belief that they are put out by having to do something they don’t want to do.

“It’s My Job” to take care of anything that comes up whether it’s something I enjoy doing, or something that I detest because it needs to be done!

“It’s My Job” to make sure that everyone I come into contact with has what they need to be safe and healthy.

Consistency is key to success whether we’re raising children or leading a team of professionals, it’s a fact that change is one of the most difficult things most humans deal with.

Along with consistency it’s important to set a standard that’s exceeds the accepted societal norm.

“It’s My Job” to ensure that you and your Family are well taken care of at our Facilities, by our team of engaged professionals who are dedicated to making your experience all it can be with us.

That’s my 2c this time round

Thanks for reading,

Andy Margow