Did you know you can implement Applied Behavior Analysis anywhere? This ABA technique is known as Natural Environment Teaching. Natural Environment Teaching are loosely structured sessions. These sessions are typically lead by the child. Natural Environment Teaching is essential for teaching a child natural ways to respond in their environment. Reinforcers are functionally related to responses.

Natural Environment Teaching can be implemented in various settings. A therapist may implement Natural Environment Teaching during a free play in the ball pit. The therapist may have the child request to be thrown into the ball pit. Parents can also implement Natural Environment Teaching at home. A parent could place snacks in a cabinet where a child can not reach it. The parent could then have the child request the snack when they want it.

This technique of Applied Behavior Analysis is a great way to get creative and use the natural environment. Think about Natural Environment Teaching the next time you are at home, at the park, or at a gym. These are ways you can get your child to work on requesting or working on social skills.