The happiest, brightest, most colorful and enjoyable season of the year.  Especially here in the “good ole south”J.  Everyone can get up, go outside and shake off the winter blues.  Spring is a wonderful time full of opportunities to promote ongoing speech and language growth in our children.  Activities targeting noun development, action verb engagement, use of adjectives to describe the beautiful flowers and ever changing weather, social engagement in the form of organized sports or just going walking and running in the park and experiencing the wonderful outdoors are just a few possibilities.  Family picnics, hikes/walks in parks, bike riding, skating/roller blading and trips to the lakes, mountains, beach, etc. are all wonderful ways to spend with family while building children’s vocabulary and use of effective and appropriate language and social skills.

Now that daylight savings time has kicked in, there is more available daytime to enjoy.  Getting away from those pesky consuming TVs, computers, Ipads, cell phones, video games, etc. is easier than ever.   Even going to the library and checking out books to read does not ever get old.  Just always remember, everything has a label, use/function, adjective/adverb describing it and location in space.  Words, like numbers are “infinite”.  Most of all relax, breathe, stretch, smell, socialize and get out and enjoy all this season has for you.

From our CTW family to all of yours, HAPPY SPRING!!!