An important tool for ensuring the success for an individual with autism is Functional Communication Training or FCT, (Kasey, 2006) demonstrated the correlation between introducing FCT and a reduction in prosocial behaviors. FCT is a differential reinforcement (DR) procedure in which an individual is taught an alternative response that results in the same class of reinforcement identified as maintaining problem behavior.  For individuals with autism it is incredibly important to find a way they can appropriately communicate as soon as possible. Some questions one could ask are, are the verbal or non-verbal if verbal how rote is their conversing skills, how much language can they produce without prompts. If their non-verbal do they have an Augmentative Alternative Communication device or (AAC), if not is there a Picture Exchange Communication system in place. This helps to increase verbal behavior, and allows the student more independence and the ability to access the environment. (Harabad, 2015) also showed that the introduction of a robust manding repertoire, immediately decreased severe SIB, and maladaptive behaviors and an increase in appropriate communication in an individual with autism.