One of the attributes that set Children’s Therapy Works apart from other pediatric therapy clinics is our implementation of neurological programs.  Fast Forword is a reading intervention tool offered at CTW that not only builds foundational language skills but also strengthens cognitive skills. This intervention program addresses the root cause of the child’s difficulty and unlike other programs, “it starts with cognitive skills like memory, attention and processing speed and works from the bottom up, using the principles of neuroplasticity.”

When a child begins the program, an initial assessment is administered. The product protocol then determines which exercises to make available, how often they are to be worked on and the length of time for each session. Fast ForWord engages children with the use of animation and graphics as well as rewards that motivate the child as they move through the different levels.  It is web-based, which makes the program easily accessible and also available as an app. We’ve found this to be extremely useful since many times children prefer visual learning on iPads, tablets and touchscreen boards.

An advantage, if not the biggest, are the detailed reports that are readily available to you throughout the entire course of the program. Many clients have seen huge improvement in not only reading and language but in their child’s focus, memory and processing speed. It is innovative programs like this that truly help children reach their biggest potential!

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