The Importance of Reading With Your Child

Reading can be an enjoyable and relaxing activity!  However, it is also an activity that teaches. There are numerous benefits to reading with your child.  When your child is young, your child is subconsciously absorbing information that: Reinforces basic sounds that form language Teaches enunciation skills Helps with learning word and sentence structure Assists with … Continue reading “The Importance of Reading With Your Child”

Q&A with our Physical Therapist – Playing with a Purpose

Q: What’s the difference between Pediatric Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy? A: In a nut shell, Physical Therapy works on gross motor skills (how are you going to get from point a to point b), while Occupational Therapy works on fine motor skills (what are you going to do when you get there). Just know, … Continue reading “Q&A with our Physical Therapist – Playing with a Purpose”

Toe walking

Toe walking – muscular or sensory? Toe walking can be caused by a muscular tightness, sensory modulation difficulties, or simply a preference to walk on toes (idiopathic toe walking). If you attempt to stretch gastrocnemius and soleus muscles (calf muscles) and can’t get the ankle to a neutral position, it is most likely muscular tightness. … Continue reading “Toe walking”

The Laser Tag Game: Occupational Therapy

Steps: Place tape crossing through a hallway or small, confined area. Set it up to look like an obstacle course and/or laser lights. Find purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, white pom pom balls of different sizes and put them on the floor throughout the obstacle course. Place some pom pom balls on the actual … Continue reading “The Laser Tag Game: Occupational Therapy”

The Importance of Core Strength in Kids

Children require core strength to participate functionally in activities. As adults, we don’t think much about how often we engage our abdominal muscles everyday. For children, they use their core for practically everything: coming to sit from lying down, maintaining balance sitting on the floor or in a chair, walking, jumping, etc. When a child … Continue reading “The Importance of Core Strength in Kids”

Fast ForWord: Innovative Programs for Young Learners

One of the attributes that set Children’s Therapy Works apart from other pediatric therapy clinics is our implementation of neurological programs.  Fast Forword is a reading intervention tool offered at CTW that not only builds foundational language skills but also strengthens cognitive skills. This intervention program addresses the root cause of the child’s difficulty and … Continue reading “Fast ForWord: Innovative Programs for Young Learners”