Messy Matter

Is the mess worth it???…..Absolutely yes!!! Did you know that children’s exposure to messy or sensory play is declining. Currently, children spend less time outdoors and more time inside consumed by electronics. However, research suggests that messy play is essential to development, helping to build neural connections that support fine motor and gross motor skills, language … Continue reading “Messy Matter”

Can A Weighted Blanket Help?

Weighted blankets — five- to 25-pound blankets that are filled with a material such as plastic pellets — are one of the latest trends for kids and adults alike. But do weighted blankets work? Who can benefit from them? And which specific blankets are best? Who Can Benefit From A Weighted Blanket? Weighted blankets are … Continue reading “Can A Weighted Blanket Help?”

Why Play-doh is an Amazing Therapy Tool

As an occupational therapist, parents frequently ask me about what they can do at home to work on their children’s fine motor skills. One of the best, cheapest, and most fun therapy tool out there is play-doh! Playing with play-doh works on the following skills: Hand strengthening In-hand manipulation skills Pincer grasp Visual-motor integration (aka … Continue reading “Why Play-doh is an Amazing Therapy Tool”