Therapy at Home with your Children

There are many great ways to incorporate therapy into your daily routine at home to reinforce what your child is working on in therapy every week. Below are a few ideas:   Communication – As silly as it may sound, narrate your child’s day. For example, “let’s put on your shoes,” “We’re buttoning your buttons,” … Continue reading “Therapy at Home with your Children”

Typical Gross Motor Development: 1 – 7 Years

Have you ever wondered if your child is “on track” for hitting developmental milestones such as running, jumping, and skipping? Although every child is different, there is a general timeline for typical development across childhood. This is Part 2 to a previous blog post about typical gross motor development in infancy. Expected Skills and Activities: … Continue reading “Typical Gross Motor Development: 1 – 7 Years”

What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis or ABA therapy is one of the most popular interventions for children with Autism and related disorders. There have been some misconceptions about the practice.   Many people see ABA as a small set of practices instead of the wide range of lifestyles changes that can improve an individual’s behavior and life. “Applied … Continue reading “What is ABA?”

How Much Tummy Time does my child need?

Tummy Time is a very important activity for infants, and needs to be a part of your baby’s daily routine. Infants spend so much time in a “flexed” position where the head and arms/legs are flexed into the torso while they are constantly being held. Since the “Back to Sleep” campaign babies have been sleeping … Continue reading “How Much Tummy Time does my child need?”

Tips for Promoting Language Growth at Home

flowers food fruit hat keyword language line perfume translation wine flowers food fruit hat engagement language line perfume translation wine baseball beauties chair cigarette clothing computer cup desk dress drug dye fanning fitness glasses harvester helmet knife oil jewelry pan pen pet slippers snacks stone toothpaste toys camera clock combs counting fishing keyboard makeup microphones … Continue reading “Tips for Promoting Language Growth at Home”

Speech & OT: Working Together to get Kids Eating

After completing a feeding evaluation, I will often recommend occupational therapy. Occupational therapy’s, or OT’s, role in feeding/swallowing therapy is not widely understood. Without both services working together, a child may not make any or adequate progress in feeding therapy.     Speech therapy’s role in feeding/swallowing includes, but is not limited to: screening and … Continue reading “Speech & OT: Working Together to get Kids Eating”