A Sensory Craft for Spring Time

Spring time is finally here!  Here is a fun, sensory-filled craft to help welcome the season! We are going to make an adorable coffee-filter flower that will work on fine motor skills and visual perceptual skills, with a great tactile component.  These flowers are great to display and also make a great hand-made Mother’s Day … Continue reading “A Sensory Craft for Spring Time”

Hello Spring

The happiest, brightest, most colorful and enjoyable season of the year.  Especially here in the “good ole south”J.  Everyone can get up, go outside and shake off the winter blues.  Spring is a wonderful time full of opportunities to promote ongoing speech and language growth in our children.  Activities targeting noun development, action verb engagement, … Continue reading “Hello Spring”

The Laser Tag Game: Occupational Therapy

Steps: Place tape crossing through a hallway or small, confined area. Set it up to look like an obstacle course and/or laser lights. Find purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, white pom pom balls of different sizes and put them on the floor throughout the obstacle course. Place some pom pom balls on the actual … Continue reading “The Laser Tag Game: Occupational Therapy”

The Importance of Core Strength in Kids

Children require core strength to participate functionally in activities. As adults, we don’t think much about how often we engage our abdominal muscles everyday. For children, they use their core for practically everything: coming to sit from lying down, maintaining balance sitting on the floor or in a chair, walking, jumping, etc. When a child … Continue reading “The Importance of Core Strength in Kids”

Fast ForWord: Innovative Programs for Young Learners

One of the attributes that set Children’s Therapy Works apart from other pediatric therapy clinics is our implementation of neurological programs.  Fast Forword is a reading intervention tool offered at CTW that not only builds foundational language skills but also strengthens cognitive skills. This intervention program addresses the root cause of the child’s difficulty and … Continue reading “Fast ForWord: Innovative Programs for Young Learners”

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

We just finished celebrating the wonderful story time contributions of Theodor Seuss Geisel, also known as Dr.Seuss. Other than allowing us to enjoy storytime with our kiddos, Dr.Seuss has provided us with several fine motor craft themed activities. And even board games that teach children important skills needed for daily living! Check out some of … Continue reading “Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!”

An Occupational Therapist Speaks

Is your child having difficulty with interacting with people or things in their environment? Although this may not seem like a big issue, it may inhibit your child’s ability to perform common age appropriate tasks. Imagine going to the movie theater and the surround sound is too much to bear. Imagine sitting in a classroom … Continue reading “An Occupational Therapist Speaks”

Physical Therapy Perspective

A child’s number one job is to play. Their ability to play with peers requires motor development, strength, balance, coordination, and endurance. Pediatric physical therapists at Children’s Therapy Works develop games and activities for children to encourage play and that work on each individual child’s needs. Climbing ladders to be ‘King of the World’ on … Continue reading “Physical Therapy Perspective”