Typical Gross Motor Development: 0-12 months

Have you ever wondered if your child is “on track” for hitting developmental milestones such as sitting, crawling, or walking? Although every child is different, there is a general timeline for typical development across infancy and childhood.   Expected Skills and Activities: 0 – 1 months: newborn prefers a position of “physiologic flexion” with the … Continue reading “Typical Gross Motor Development: 0-12 months”

Speech & OT: Working Together to get Kids Eating

After completing a feeding evaluation, I will often recommend occupational therapy. Occupational therapy’s, or OT’s, role in feeding/swallowing therapy is not widely understood. Without both services working together, a child may not make any or adequate progress in feeding therapy.     Speech therapy’s role in feeding/swallowing includes, but is not limited to: screening and … Continue reading “Speech & OT: Working Together to get Kids Eating”

Teaching Social Skills in Daily Activities

Despite parents wanting their children to participate in social/pragmatic activities and groups, these same social skills are being forgotten in todays’ society. How to be kind and helpful to others, affiable and/or nice, and most of all effective communicators is being lost.  Unfortunately this trend is also surfacing in our dearest, loveliest, special little ones. … Continue reading “Teaching Social Skills in Daily Activities”

Sensory Movement Exercises for Attention

Gearing up for school, many parents may be concerned with their child’s attention while in school, doing homework, or when participating in listening activities like conversations or reading. Ineffective executive functioning skills, learning disabilities, distractibility, an overload of visual or auditory stimuli, poor working memory, poor core body strength, and even temperament can contribute to … Continue reading “Sensory Movement Exercises for Attention”

The Importance of Reading With Your Child

Reading can be an enjoyable and relaxing activity!  However, it is also an activity that teaches. There are numerous benefits to reading with your child.  When your child is young, your child is subconsciously absorbing information that: Reinforces basic sounds that form language Teaches enunciation skills Helps with learning word and sentence structure Assists with … Continue reading “The Importance of Reading With Your Child”