Suit Therapy

Therasuit or Suit Therapy is a newer standard of treatment that many families are unfamiliar with Suit Therapy is most commonly used with children with Cerebral Palsy however not limited to only that population. Other diagnosis’ Suit Therapy can assist with include but not limited to: Ataxia Post Stroke CVA Traumatic Brain Injury Autism Spectrum Disorder Down Syndrome Developmental Delay   When you purchase suit therapy the box consists of a cap, vest, shorts,  knee pads, arm attachments and shoe attachments   These are all elements connected with each other via elastic bands that can assist in postural alignment.   These elastic bands can be connected in a wide variety of patterns based on the end goal for each specific child and the position and motor pathway you are trying to initiate The principle behind Suit Therapy is to elicit and improve Proprioception which is pressure from joints, muscles and ligaments. The idea is to decrease tone, recreate muscle movement pathways & synergies and decrease pathological reflexes. Intensive Suit Therapy sessions typically last 3 hours 5x week for 3 weeks in order to promote optimal change A typical treatment session consist of hot packs and tissue massage during the ‘warm up’ focusing on decreasing tone, … Continue reading “Suit Therapy”

Watermelon Fine Motor Craft

    Brought to you by Lauren Anderson, OTR/L   Here’s a cute summer-themed craft to get your preschooler using his or her fingers! This craft works on fine motor precision (making precise movements with your hands and fingers), bilateral coordination (using the two sides of your body together), hand strengthening, hand-eye coordination, grasping coloring/writing … Continue reading “Watermelon Fine Motor Craft”


  What is torticollis?   Torticollis is a condition in which there is a tightness in a specific neck muscle, the sternocleidomastoid. Typically, this results in your baby’s head being tilted towards one side and rotated towards the opposite side. For instance, if the left sternocleidomastoid is tight, the baby’s head would be tilted towards … Continue reading “Torticollis”