Can you believe that it’s almost that time again? On top of being bombarded by ads for new clothes, shoes, and backpacks, parents will also begin to worry about whether or not their kids have retained information learned from last school year. Will little Johnny remember how to add and subtract? What are prepositions and adjectives again? What will we do for this year’s science project?

Well to get your kids prepared over the next few weeks, here are some nifty tips to jump-start and support some Speech and Language Goals.


  1. Practice math and science skills with cooking in the kitchen. Pull out those measuring cups and get some simple recipes together (pudding, rice krispy treats, etc). To make things more interesting, have kids calculate measurements to double the recipes for more guests (if the original calls for 1 cup of sugar, now you’ll need 2 cups of sugar).
  2. Practice identifying shapes in a game of I Spy while driving around your neighborhood. Can you find a hexagon? I Spy a triangle!
  3. While folding and sorting laundry with the kiddos, review a few adjectives (descriptive words) by asking for the blue rectangle towels, the red square washcloths, or the matching orange socks.
  4. Use technology to improve communication skills by FaceTiming friends and family. Your child can practice using appropriate eye contact, asking and answering questions, continuing conversations while staying on topic, use greetings (Hello grandma! Bye grandpa), and show off the cool dance moves or headstands they’ve learned over the summer break.
  5. Pull out those old board games and talk about turn taking skills, respecting the rules of the game, and enjoying interacting with others in a fun and safe manner.
  6. Play some phonological processing games at the pool.

*Say “DAY”. Now say “DAY” with an “m” instead of a “d”, “MAY!”

*Let’s clap out syllables in our names and see who has the most!

*Name 3 words that rhyme with pool- cool, drool, school!


Whichever activity you decide to use, try not to stress yourselves or your kids and remember to have fun and enjoy the last days of summer break!