Is your child having difficulty with interacting with people or things in their environment? Although this may not seem like a big issue, it may inhibit your child’s ability to perform common age appropriate tasks. Imagine going to the movie theater and the surround sound is too much to bear. Imagine sitting in a classroom and not being able to process what your teacher is saying because there are too many things to see and hear in the classroom. Imagine not being able to wear socks, shoes, or even certain types of clothing because you can’t tolerate how they feel.  Here at Children’s Therapy Works, our occupational therapists give your child the tools necessary to interact appropriately with his/her environment and establish a sensory foundation. Once this sensory foundation is established, the child will have the coping mechanisms they need to learn new skills, build on current skills, and become successful in both the home and academic environments.  It is our number one priority here as occupational therapists to instill this foundation, thru play, in order for your child to reach their maximum potential.