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Children’s Therapy Works focuses on the continuing development of children until the Age of 21. We’d like to thank the hundreds of families that have touched our hearts, held our hands and afforded us the privileged of sharing important milestones, joys and pleasures that make their special children so very special to us too. For me, to be the CEO of any organization is exciting. I believe that if you have the right people around you, you can accomplish anything you set out to do.

To be the CEO at Children’s Therapy Works is nothing short of an honor that I cherish every day. When I’m inside a center or speaking to a group of people, it’s difficult to hold the “feeling” inside. In fact as I am writing this down, I’m afraid that somehow I’ll miss this opportunity to show you how great Children’s Therapy Works is, so I am going to share a story with you…

A few years back (almost 20 years ago), we were given the opportunity to work with a family who has an Autistic child, a beautiful 7 year old girl with curly locks of shiny black hair. She had the energy of the sun and radiated it everywhere she went. At the time, Stacey lived in her own world. Communication was a real challenge for everyone.

One winter morning, Stacey’s mom and I were talking in the waiting area while Stacey was in therapy. Like a ton of lead, the question hit me in the middle of the chest….WHY ARE WE REALLY DOING THIS ?….mom asked me….WHAT ARE WE TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH HERE, ANDY ?…she added…I felt the fire boil up inside me. I immediately answered her like this… we’re working on getting Stacey to go to the grocery store with you, to the dry cleaners and the post office without being difficult for both of you. We’re striving to help Stacey to be part of your family outings, errands, daily routines etc. So that everyone can go to the mall together….or out for dinner as a family. I told her to stick with it…hang in there, every day is another chance to get closer to the goal.

December 2001….about two years later, My wife Shelley and I, with our small kids in tow, were wrestling among the heards of folks trampling across NorthPoint Mall near our home in Alpharetta, Ga. just before the holidays. In the center of the mall, there was a “choo choo train” with a “whooping whistle”. A merry go’round as well as other rides for the kids to go on. I can safely say, this was the epicenter of chaos at NorthPoint Mall. Kids shouting and screaming…Moms and Dads trying fearlessly to keep sight of the kids as they jockey for position in line at the next ride. A true test of anyone’s ability to remain calm to say the very least! Both at the same time, Shelley and I saw Stacey’s Mom, waiting in line at the train with her kids, Stacey was in line to ride the train! We looked at each other and I literally ran over to see them, I smiled at her and said…this is what we’re doing….and it’s working !! – She and I had a good laugh (and I had a little cry).

I tell this story with a lot of pride. It’s because of the fantastic team of therapists and support staff here at Children’s Therapy Works that we’re able to deliver results like this a lot of the time. Like any progressive organization, Children’s Therapy Works spends lots of time, energy and resource in developing new skills and programs that will assist in delivering more efficient results to our clients. We firmly believe that we’re always in “learning mode” maintaining openness to different methods and modalities of treatment. If it can increase function…we want to learn about it.

In closing, I welcome you to Children’s Therapy Works, I believe you are in the most capable hands I know, I’d have anyone on our team working with my own child, after all, if it’s not good enough for my own child, it’s definitely not good enough for yours.

My Warmest Welcome!

Andy Margow


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