Spring time is finally here!  Here is a fun, sensory-filled craft to help welcome the season! We are going to make an adorable coffee-filter flower that will work on fine motor skills and visual perceptual skills, with a great tactile component.  These flowers are great to display and also make a great hand-made Mother’s Day gift.  You can make just one or you can make several for a bouquet!

Here are the items you need:


Green pipe cleaners

Washable markers

Coffee filters

Spray bottle filled with water

Step 1:  Flatten the coffee filter and color it however you choose.  The ink will spread out when wet, so there is no need to color the filter completely.

**Bonus sensory time! Use scented markers for olfactory input (sense of smell).
Making of Spring Flower


Step 2:  Place the coffee filter on a water resistant surface.  I use a plastic storage container lid.  Spray the colored coffee filter with water until the colors start to bleed together.  Here’s where the tactile part comes in.  Flip the coffee filter over and spray the other side.  You may need to use your finger to gently rub the coffee filter if some areas are not bleeding together well.

Step 3: Wait for the coffee filter to dry completely.


Step 4:  Poke the pipe cleaner through the center of the coffee filter.  Bend the end just a bit so the coffee filter stays on.



Step 5:  Pinch the ends of the coffee filter to shape it into a flower.


Voila!  You’ve now made your very own spring flower!