5 Activities With 1 Toy Or Piece Of Equipment:

Bosu Ball:

It is important as a therapist to be able to use a piece of equipment/toy for more than one purpose in order to keep therapy sessions creative and to be resourceful with equipment. A Bosu Ball is a perfect example of one of those pieces of equipment that can be used for a variety of things.

The first activity that can be performed with a Bosu ball is balance activities, you can stand on the blue side with both legs, or one. For higher level balance activities you can turn the Bosu over (blue side down), and stand on the black side with either both legs, or one leg. Another activity that can be performed on a Bosu Ball is a modified version of prone v-ups, also known as supermans. This activity is good for strengthening the back extensors. For this, you would have someone laying on their stomach on the blue side of the ball while lifting both arms and legs off the ground and maintaining position in space for a set amount of time. The third activity you can perform with the Bosu ball would be modified/assisted sit ups. To perform this activity, your person’s bottom would be at the base where the blue and black side of the ball come together leaning back against the blue side of the ball, then perform a sit-up as you would if the someone was performing on the ground, going backwards full range, and sitting up all the way up. A fourth higher level functioning activity that can be performed on a Bosu Ball, would be strengthening exercises such as squats, where you have someone standing on the blue or black side, depending on level of difficulty desired and squat down within available range of motion and return to standing position. The last example of an activity that can be performed on the Bosu Ball would be, jumping activities, both onto and off of the ball. You can have someone jumping with both legs, or doing one leg in all directions (front, back, left and right) again dependending on person’s level of fitness.

This is just a list of a few of the different activities that can be performed using a Bosu Ball. There are plenty of other higher and lower level activities that can be performed using this piece of equipment.